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Are you sure your home insurance covers either of these losses?  If you ARE sure you represent the 1% of homeowners that actually read their homeowners' policy and understand their coverage.

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What We Do

And how we can help...

The time to find out if you have the right coverage is before you have a claim.   

At no cost to you, the Home Policy Advocate will review your home or dwelling policy and perform a home damage inspection.  You may have a claim and not even know it...a chip on a kitchen counter, a gouge on a hardwood floor, a small water stain on a ceiling...it may be much more than something you just have to 'live with' and your insurance company may owe you money.  And if you do have a claim, Home Policy Advocate will level the playing field for YOU.  

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Policy and  Damage Inspections Are Free!

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Call Home Policy Advocate before you call your insurance company.  630-915-5808

There  Are Certain Things You Shouldn't Say...

...because it might be used to reduce the settlement or cause the claim to be instantly denied.  As your Advocate, we know what to say (and not to say) to ensure your claim is paid out based on your coverage and not what your insurance company wants you to accept.  We settle claims with science with little or no time spent out of your busy schedule.

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