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A Service You Didn't Know You Need

Are you sure your home insurance covers a flood or fire?  How about hail, wind, or water damage?  If you ARE sure you represent the 1% of homeowners that actually read their policies and understand their coverage.

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What We Do

We are Insurance Claim Advocate and we educate and protect you.  

With the goal of maximizing your settlement, we are 100% dedicated to your interests and shield you, the policy holder, from the stressful process of taking on the massive insurance companies that make the rules and count on you not knowing how the game is played.  We can help if your claim has been flat out denied, underpaid, and even settled and closed for up to a year.  

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If we can't help you get paid more than your insurance company has offered, there's no out of pocket expense to you.

Insurance Claim Advocate takes on your insurance company by leveling the playing field.

Anywhere In the State of Illinois


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Call Insurance Claim Advocate before you call your insurance company.  630-915-5808.

There  Are Certain Things You Shouldn't Say to Your Insurance Company

...because it might be used to reduce the settlement or instantly deny the claim. 
We know what to say (and not to say) to ensure your claim is paid out based on your coverage and not what your insurance company wants you to accept.  We settle claims with science with little or no time spent out of your busy schedule.

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